Fitting Contact Lenses Of All Types - Astigmatic, bifocal, soft, gas permeable, disposable, and the new Synergeyes lenses. 
A no-risk consultation is included in your eye exam.

Contact Lenses are NOT “one-size-fits-all.” Each contact lens fit requires careful evaluation of the patient’s prescription, age, corneal curvature, hobbies/lifestyle, and any other underlying ocular conditions, such as dry eye or allergies.

Contacts are always being updated, modified, and improved, so if you are wearing the same contact lens for the last 4 years our optometrist will give you a free pair of newer, more healthy contacts to try.

Our optometrists look for three main goals in every contact lens fit:

  • Does it give 20/20 vision or better?
  • Is the lens comfortable for the patient to wear all day long?
  • Is the lens moving and rotating appropriately?
Patients who have never worn contacts before are instructed carefully on everything there is to know about their custom lenses. Then, they demonstrate to our staff that they can successfully insert and remove the contact lenses by themselves before taking the lenses home. New wearers return in one week for the optometrist to evaluate the lens one more time before prescribing it.

Our optometrists will choose the appropriate multipurpose solution to clean and disinfect the contact lenses, except for “Daily Disposable” lenses, which are thrown away each and every day.

If you would like to discuss the use of contact lenses, Click on “Ask the Doctor” or to schedule an examination or consultation, call our Downers Grove office at (630) 969-3268 or our Naperville office at (630) 357-3511.

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