Naper Grove Vision Care started when Floyd Mizener founded our practice in 1949 in Downers Grove. John Sims joined shortly after that and helped grow the practice. 

Through word of mouth advertising and an exceptional work-ethic, the practice thrived on fitting glasses, contact lenses, and treating eye diseases. Over the following decades Naper Grove Vision Care added many doctors to the team.

Our Mission

Naper Grove Vision Care provides our patients with the highest quality eye care, delivered in a uniquely personal manner.

Eye Care Service for Downers Grove and Naperville

For the past 75+ years, Naper Grove Vision Care has served hundreds of thousands of patients in the western Chicago suburbs. At Naper Grove Vision Care, we are continuing to evolve with the demands of our community. We continue to learn about eyecare treatment and invest in the resources to maintain state-of-the-art vision services. Our new website is designed to make the experience easier for you.

We look forward to providing exceptional eye care service to the western suburbs for many years to come.

Naperville office: (630) 357-3511
Downers Grove office : (630) 969-3268.

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