Naper Grove Vision Care started when Floyd Mizener founded our practice 73 years ago in Downers Grove. John Sims joined shortly after that and helped grow the practice.

Through word of mouth advertising and an exceptional work-ethic, the practice thrived on fitting glasses, contact lenses, and treating eye diseases. Laura Giancola entered the practice in the 1980’s.

The office became one of the most successful practices in the area. Due to the rapid growth, we decided to open a second eyecare office in the growing adjacent town, Naperville. Brad Kampschroeder entered the practice in the 1990’s.

Dr. Halkias entered the practice in 2006, Olivia Steinberg in 2017, Dr. Sheth entered in 2018, and Dr. Nikolova came on board in 2020. Also, we added Dr. Connor Robbs in 2022. We're incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing, highly qualified team of doctors to serve you.  All of our doctors have extensive education, training and experience and complimentary skills to serve all of your family’s vision needs.

Our Mission

Naper Grove Vision Care provides our patients with the highest quality eye care, delivered in a uniquely personal manner.

Eye Care Service for Downers Grove and Naperville

For the past 60 years, Naper Grove Vision Care has served hundreds of thousands of patients in the western Chicago suburbs. Patients often move away from the area, only to come back and get their yearly checkup at our office because they are so impressed with our staff, doctors, and service. “I’ll follow Dr. Sims to China if he goes there,” one patient said. At Naper Grove Vision Care, we are continuing to evolve with the demands of our community. We continue to learn about eyecare treatment and invest in the resources to maintain state-of-the-art vision services. Our new website is designed to make the experience easier for you.

We look forward to the next 60 years of providing exceptional eye care service to the western suburbs.

Naperville office: (630) 357-3511
Downers Grove office : (630) 969-3268.

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