Your eye health is a crucial part of staying healthy throughout your life. However, many people in the Downers Grove community may face eye conditions impacting their comfort and health. You may be due for an eye exam but are unsure where to turn.

For residents of Downers Grove, look no further than Naper Grove Vision Care. We offer eye exams for patients of any age and provide all the information you need to keep your eyes healthy and provide the high-quality eye care you need to stay healthy and comfortable.

How Often Should I Get My Eyes Checked?

Our eyes change over time, and ensuring you stay aware of your eye condition is important. For many, your eyes may not change very much in your younger years, but as you get older, your vision may decrease. More frequent eye exams may be necessary for those with eye conditions.

Most people (all ages) need to seek an eye exam yearly. Because eye prescriptions can change over time, you may need to speak with an optometrist on our team about your eye health and the best options for your ongoing care.

Signs of Potential Vision Problems

Many patients come to speak with our doctors because they already have vision problems. Their eye care needs may already include glasses or other corrective lenses. However, you may be unsure whether you need these corrective lenses. So what signs of potential vision problems should you be looking for?

For many, vision problems start with blurry or otherwise distorted vision. You may have difficulty seeing things far away, close up, or have spots in your vision. That includes floating objects in your line of sight and consistent dark spots.

If you have vision problems, it may be time to make an eye appointment. Other issues, such as shadows in your vision, sensitivity to light, or even poor night vision, may be grounds for setting up your next eye appointment.

Protecting Your Eyes from Digital Strain

For many of us, our vision is impacted by how much time we spend on our computers. For some in the Downers Grove community, you may need to schedule an appointment with an optometrist to learn more about your options to protect your vision over time.

Many people opt for glasses with blue-light-filtering lenses. These lenses help prevent eye strain by filtering out the blue light that often causes eye strain from computer screens.

However, limiting your screen time or taking breaks when your eyes begin to feel tired can also help reduce strain. Your doctor can guide you on protecting your eyes when using computer screens.

What Can I Expect During My Visit

When setting up appointments with optometrists, knowing what services and treatments you may receive before you arrive is essential. For those new to the office, your first step may be to fill out paperwork about your health, current prescriptions, and insurance. Our team can guide you on whether we accept your insurance plan or not.

Once you have completed your initial paperwork, you will be taken to an examination room, where you will go through several tests with one of our opticians. These include testing eye pressure, checking your retinas, and checking for basic eye health needs.

After this initial exam, you will then speak to the doctor, who will complete a more in-depth examination of your eyes and determine whether a prescription is necessary. This may include eye dilation or other methods, depending on your needs.

After your doctor has identified any vision problems you may be dealing with, they will speak to you about your options for eye treatment and how to maintain your eye health. Depending on your needs, this may include a pair of glasses, contacts, or more in-depth treatment. After this, you can choose a pair of glasses if needed and complete your appointment.

Your Eyewear Options at Naper Grove Vision Care (Downers Grove Location)

At Naper Grove Vision Care (Downers Grove Location), we offer several options for personalized care and eyewear for any need. Our eye doctors will ensure you are getting the right type of eye care for your health, and the rest of our team can help you choose the right frames or contacts for your needs.

Our team can help you when choosing contact lenses. You will get the chance to try on your lenses before you leave the office, so you know you have the right fit that is most comfortable for your eyes. For those who would prefer eyeglasses, we offer frames on a budget and designer frames for fashion-forward patients.

For those who work outside or are simply outside frequently and sensitive to light, we even offer sunglasses for those in need. Your optometrist can determine what type of lenses you need and can have them made to your specifications within seven to ten business days.

Make Your Eye Center Appointment Today

Vision problems can affect our everyday life, leaving us with difficulties navigating the world around us. These issues can come on suddenly, or you may notice a decreased vision over time. In either of these cases, acting as quickly as possible to speak with an optometrist and get the help you need can protect your eyes and ensure that your vision stays clear.

Whether you are having a new vision problem or simply looking to update your eyewear, we invite you to speak with the eye doctors at Naper Grove Vision Care to learn more about your needs. We offer informative care for all residents of Downers Grove, IL.

When you are ready to speak with an optometrist, our office will take your call. You can reach out to us by phone, fill out a request for an appointment on our site, or visit one of our offices to set up your visit today.

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Naper Grove Vision Care’s Downers Grove office is located at 6840 Main Street, Suite 250, Downers Grove, IL 60516, just north of 75th Street. It is across from McCollum Park’s main entrance on Main Street. You will find this office location conveniently tucked within the Advocate Good Sam Outpatient Building. Naper Grove Vision Care features trusted optometrists who deliver personalized and high-quality eye care for everyone in the family through the latest technologies and advancements in optometry. With 60 years of serving the area, you can entrust your eye health to the caring staff of eye doctors at Naper Grove Vision Care in Downers Grove. Our eye care center can confidently assess your eye health and provide solutions to bring everything into focus. Whether you need a routine eye exam or are experiencing new symptoms involving your sense of sight, call Naper Grove Vision Care at 630-998-7871.

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