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Dry Eye Syndrome

Millions of Americans suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. There are many different causes of dry eyes, and each cause requires a different treatment.

Artificial Tears, or lubricating drops, are available as a first-line therapy.
There is also a procedure our doctors perform called “punctal occlusion,” which allows your eyes to retain more of their own tears. It is a painless, non-invasive, and reversible procedure using a microscopic sterile plug to block the drainage of tears.

For certain types of Dry Eyes, “Restasis” may be the best treatment. This twice-a-day prescription eye drop helps you to produce more of your own tears. See your eye doctor to determine which treatment is best for you.

For more information on Dry Eye Syndrome, please schedule an examination,  click on “Ask the Doctor” or call our Downers Grove office at (630) 969-3268 or our Naperville office at (630) 357-3511.


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Fraz Baig

I would highly recommend Dr. Steinberg and Naper Grove Vision Care to all my family and friends. Their awesome team makes it super easy to take care of my family's eye care needs. They have a great selection of frames and contact lenses and go above and beyond when it comes to utilizing our full insurance benefits.

Fraz Baig

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